Software Development Kit. An SDK includes tools, headers, libs, sample code, and documentation to help you develop technologies and products. They actually expose much of their code in the form of samples that will allow you to write against their providers.
hay d00d, i'm gonna write CS2 on the Wolfenstein 3D engine 'cuz i just got the SDK for it.
by naem August 11, 2003
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SDK (Stompdown Killaz) is a Canadian graffiti crew.
Not to be confused with the French graffiti crew SDK (Selling Drugs to Kids).

SDK have two youtube chanells, Stompdown and StompdownWinFail. They have gained alot of popularity on youtube and are probably the most known graffiti crew on youtube. Though many believe SDK are toys and compare them to other crews, SDK is actually a very good crew. There are better crews but SDK is far from bad.
"Hey man, SDK uploaded a new freight train bombing video!"

"Awesome, these vids make me wanna go out and bomb!"
by ES.DE.KAY August 25, 2012
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SDK is a french graffiti crew. SDK stands for Sellings drugs to kids. SDK is Allied to the Swedish graffiti crew WUFC. Because of them hanging with WUFC they also appear in alot of swedish graffiti movies. They also appear in french movies and they made the "Dirty Handz" movies.

The writers Solei, Riot and Inxs met WUFC when being in sweden for a exhibition in Malmö. And they went on to Stockholm. They were supposed to live with a writer namned Kaos from the swedish crew VIM(Vandals In Motion) but he couldn't put them up so he called his friend Uzi from WUFC and asked him if they could stay at his place, and they did. WUFC had mostly been painting trains that summer and had the routine going and they took SDK out every night. The two crews clicked.
SDK stands for Selling drugs to kids
by Rille July 20, 2007
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Abbreviation for SLAP DAT KNEE.

Synonym of LOL, LMAO, ROFL, etc.
Used when something is just too damn hilarious!
Me: Broooo dkm, that was fucking jokes!
You: I know man! SDK!
by Amerrr May 26, 2012
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Stands for Sick Dick Killaz, a channel on YouTube that specializes in touching butts.
by CarlTheGucci January 8, 2014
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Hey did you know, SDK is going to be doing some stunts.

Really? Awesome, they are amazing.
by Weve April 16, 2009
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SDK is an acronym for "Some Dumb Kids"
Is a placed filled with kids who are dumb. HB is master of an SDK. Savant (wise) is a female version for ruling an SDK.
A Centelleo (spanishfor Twinkle987) can cause Havock several times, and laughs at the foolishness of many kids.
Dont go there! It's SDK!
SDK? Isn't that where the wreck Twinkle is?
I think Crymson got permanantly banned from an SDK
by Manjestic January 8, 2012
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