A character know from huniepop as you first start the game she is the very first person you shall meet bu you cannot go out with yet for you have to go through 5 - 6 dates with a single girl then you should be able to unlock the ability to unlock Kyu
by Vali Lucifer December 2, 2016
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Generally considered a God among men. However, this is not the case. Kyu is the God among Gods, the greatest of all. His charm, mastery of humanity, and exceptional skills with the ladies are masked, appropriately, by his true modesty. The sign of the greatest.
"Yo dude, that man just pulled a Kyu"
::smack:: "Are you kidding me? No mortal has that skill."
by Polliwog August 14, 2008
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A person. Very funny and nice. He cares a lot about people and is super nice and kind. He is legit the best person in the world and deserves everything. He does need time to realize some things but he is doing well about that. Mf is smart and funny asf. HES A REAL CELEBRITITY AND HES REALLY FAMOUS.
Oh shit, its kyu, the famous mf
Omg look, its kyu
by O. K. July 14, 2021
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Jupiterian, 52 years old. very charming alien Kind person, incredible Jupiterian being, patient, pedagogue, best teacher ever
how to recognize it? It's easy, he always says "you know what I mean", "basically...

if you are lucky enough to have this Kyu in your life, please take care of him.....
by Jhonny 2.0 January 21, 2022
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TikTok user, who is teaching his followers Korean language, also jupitarian.
Kyu wasn't streaming yesterday.
by Catmwillas January 19, 2022
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A hella badass who is known to be really hot and is really good at fighting, if you mess with him he will beat the fuck out of you,but he does not fight girls, he is really nice to girls and if you talk about his girlfriend he will FUCK YOU up, he is really nice to his gf and will do anything for them, girls really want his dick, he is average height and can look like an innocent person but be a real badass, he always cheats on his test
Kyus He can really fuck you up dont mess with him
by Booty fucker December 20, 2017
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Used in martial arts to separate the kids from the grown-ups. A kid has a mon degree, a grown up (14 or above) has a kyu grade. A mon degree is white with a stripe of the colour while the kyu is fully coloured.
"Did you hear that Dean got 1kyu the other day?"
by Ash is mad October 25, 2007
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