Pasadena, also known as "Dena" or the "626" is a city near LA, best known for the rose bowl games(which USC always wins) and the rose parade (which is only cool to the people who dont live in Pasadena). Full of Bloods (PDL), Crips, Latin Kings, Villa Boys, Thugs, tweakers, hobos, rich snobs, and everything else. It has underrated public schools who people love to critisize (Muir,PHS,Marshall,Blair,Rose City) which is mostly for the blacks, hispanics, and lower class white people who love to party, get wasted, and have fun. Muir is usually thought of to be the ghettoest one because it is in the "hood" which is in north-west pasadena near altadena (but thats where the best athletes tend to be). But Pasadena also has a whole bunch of private schools for the rich people who dont want their "precious" little kids to be affiliated with the "lower class" kids(Maranantha,La Salle,...etc) those are the kids who you'll usually see kikin it at the paseo on colorado st.
Dawg lets go to Pasadena and party it up in the 626!
by 626Dena4 April 24, 2009
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The Dena, the one and only. the only place where you can find thugs, white kids that wanna be thugs lol, preps and some serious rednecks. You either don't care about your car, put a fart pipe on it, or lift it sky high. Where you make friends for life and live for the moments. You may say its boring,but everybody knows you wouldn't trade it for anything else. Always overlooked, but never forgotten. No matter where you go, your roots will always be with the DENA.
by eric May 6, 2005
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A city in the San Gabriel Valley, near Los Angeles. Basically in the middle of everything cool in So Cal. A lot of diversity, tons of people live here. Home of the Rose Bowl, Rose Parade, PCC, and other shit which is only important if you're not from Dena. Home to a lot of public schools, christian schools and private schools. A lot of celebrities live here, spotted usually on Colorado near Paseo/Old Town. All the shopping stuff is near Old Town and on South Lake, which is where the private school kids hang out. Really good athletes live here, PHS and Muir always have good sports teams. Everything you would need in a city, Pasadena has it.
Kid1: Yo, lets head down to Pasadena, shits active out there.

Kid2: fersher bro. lets hit old town
by cashhhh69 January 28, 2012
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Pasadena, MD:

Despite the popular belief that the general population consists of uneducated, toothless ho-bags, everyone who lives or grew up in Pasadena knows that this group makes up only approximately 5% of the population. 75% of the population knows how to fix your car or how to put an addition on your house.

20% of the population hold college degrees and have jobs that are completely useless...but they make lots of money anyway. This group generally has not learned anything useful in their lives, and therefore cannot fix cars or build anything without it promptly falling apart. This group gives most of its pay to the other 75% that know how to fix cars and build houses.

2% of the group that holds a college degree also have graduate degrees. They generally wonder what they're doing in Pasadena when they could be living in neighboring Severna Park or Arnold. However, they realize that in Severna Park, they could lose their life savings if their dog craps on the neighboring lawyer's lawn. In Pasadena, the neighbor will thank you for the free fertilizer.

Despite the popular notion that there is nothing to do in Pasadena, there are various restaurants in which one could eat. Most of the teenagers who live in Pasadena don't realize that their cars can travel distances greater than 10 miles, and could land them in Annapolis or Baltimore in about 15-20 minutes. They would rather drive a few miles and hang out in the local fast-food eatery's parking lot. Some local teens lack the funds to finance a vehicle due to spending all of their money on spray paint...which they use to tag signs, fences, etc. In this way, they can mark their territory on property not owned by them, and pretend that they own something. This group of teens will never own anything because they are essentially morons. This is as close as they will ever get to property ownership.

Half of the population owns a boat. 30% of the boats are in working order. The other 70% are owned by college graduates...who spent all of their money on getting their car and house fixed by the other group that do not have college degrees...and they have no money left to pay to fix their boats.

by molson1025 February 5, 2009
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AKA: StinkaDena, PasaGetDownDena, PasaBeanerTexas
Pasadena is city outside Houston, Texas where you try to see if you can hold your nose all the way through. Smells like a combination of egg-farts and moldy socks. The best smelling part of Pasadena is the Washburn Tunnel. Where when you move a block and you have to enroll your kids in a new elementary but all thirty-something grade schools end up in 1 high school. But on the plus side if your children are white blond haired they will stick out like a cotton ball in bowl of coffee grinds.
If you can hold your nose through all of 225 then you might be from Pasadena, Texas.
by ScatterBrainFox February 20, 2016
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city NOT SUBURB in California.
all the public schools suck so there are about 15 private schools in the area.
private school kids and public school kids are basicly separated into their own groups and don't intermix.
known for Rose Parade. it something you like till you're about 6 and realize its the same every year. also has the Rose Bowl. which kinda sucks from all the traffic when there is a USC/UCLA game.
they are putting a lot of nice and expensive stores in old town because there are a lot of rich people in pasadena.
then there is the ghetto-ish area near altadena that people are scared to drive through.
Pasadena is the not-suburb of L.A.
by dena born and raised May 18, 2008
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also known as the dena, a wonderfully boring place in Maryland outside of Glen Burnie and next to Severna Park, not as dirty as Glen Burnie but not as snobby as Severna Park
Hey! Aren't you glad you live in Pasadena and not Glen Burnie and Severna Park?
by JJBrown March 2, 2005
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