when someone asks you a question or sends you a bullitin on myspace about what is your favorite color, song, food, species of bird... etc... and you don't have one.
Myspace Bullitin: What is your favorite color?

Person: Umm, don't have one. O.k. give me a break already it's just a stupid survey.
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A child's lament over parent's refusal to add video game equipment to their already ridiculous collection of electronic gadgetry.
Dad: Wii Fit

Mom: Wii Iron Chef

Cousin: Wii Karaoke

Emma: Wii Don't Have One
by David Fish January 10, 2009
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a phrase one uses when trying desperately to be cool and open-minded when really that person turns out to be the most indecisive person you will ever meet; typically follows a question given to them concerning what they're favorite aspect of given subject.

You: So, what's your favorite food?

Person: I don't really have one.
by Mothenater April 30, 2008
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