Hey, sorry, I just got d/c.
by d3 March 15, 2004
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short for Divide & Conquer, one of the favorite method of cruel, heartless, jaded people.
friend 1 : can't you see what they are doing? they are trying to D-C us!
friend 2 : wow, you're so right! let's stick together and fight!
by 3eggs January 31, 2009
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When a person fakes his/her own disconnection from an MMO (massively multiplayer online game). It was coined after the WOW (World of Warcraft) Hunter class ability "Feign Death." In which the character fakes his/her own death to avoid being attacked.
"Half the group disconnected! Oh, they probably feign d/c."
by Hotfuzz July 19, 2008
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short for diamond city (see wilkes barre) due to the many coal (diamond) mining sites in the nearby area during the early 20th century.
I'm from south-side d c, off the square.
by Dub City Soldier July 8, 2008
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I just drank 2 40s now i gott d the c.
by KSwan January 17, 2008
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Dome and Chicken: The act of receiving a blowjob, proceeding to the nearest KFC, and feasting on chicken.
Luckiest Man Ever: "I just got D and C, my life is complete."
His Friend: "Holy shit, that is fucking awesome."
by Officer.Nasty August 23, 2010
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The scripture you recite for memory while on the throne, to feel more godly. It is also about the power of the Priesthood and godly attributes.
Person heres other in the bathroom from the hallway, and they're reciting some sermon for memory, namely D&C 121:33-46
by Truddledomotiquilurffluhop December 4, 2018
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