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D/c is an abbreviation of "Disconnected".
Hey, sorry, I just got d/c.
by d3 March 15, 2004
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Trinity, simply put, means three.

Three of an object or three people.
Look over there, there's trinity of them.
by d3 August 16, 2003
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when a woman releases a bloody discharge from the vagina partnered with a belch-like sound.
while going down on Bambi, She blasted a frothy,rotten tomatoe-like discharge in my face, accompanied with a loud sputtering noise.
by d3 January 19, 2004
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Heyla, meaning Hey. Mostly used for greeting someone.
Heyla! How are you?
by d3 August 16, 2003
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Lurkage is a heightened state of "lurking" in an IRC channel. It allows you to be at a near subconscious level while watching the channel.
I'm going into lurkage mode.
by d3 April 27, 2005
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Totally IRONY---Stands for "I'm Not About That"....meaning to act one way, (be in complete denial about what the "that" is) and then say the opposite.
While she was not listening (at all), she said "I'm all about being a great listener"....she pulled an inat.
by d3 December 24, 2004
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corny ass
my teacher is Mrs. Kornas!!!
by D3 October 17, 2003
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