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To cyberbully is to tease, make fun of, or insult a person on the internet. Basically acting like a tough guy or a bully on the internet.

Someone got cyberbullied and killed herself later on, because what was said to her hurt really badly.
Joe: Yo girl, you really are a disgrace to this world. You shouldn't be here.

Lisa: I am not a disgrace! I can do -

Joe: Nobody likes you. Not even your parents.

Lisa: What?! Yes they do!

Joe: Prove it; did they ever SAY they love you? Probably not.

Lisa: No! Stop! You're wrong!

Joe: Hmph, you're not meant to belong anywhere in this world.

Lisa: STOP!

Later on, Lisa cries, and tells her parents she was being made fun of and insulted on the internet.

Parent: Oh, he was a cyberbully!
by EpicWinzorz December 27, 2008
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A person who acts tough over the internet. Usually, if not all the time, this person is usually a nerd, geek or look nothing like a bully in real life.
Hey, did you see the picture of TDeath? He is such a cyber bully.
by 3049yudoifhj November 15, 2007
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A word used by the Millennium Bitches (women who have had their first kid between 1990 and 2005) to describe children who tease other children via the Internet.
The Mothers Against Cyberbullying are some tough sisters, all right.
by GuidoPosse69 February 06, 2005
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Anyone online that mainly curses others out for their intrests, looks, human rights, or basically anything that doesn't harm the public online. They usually do this since they know they'll get their asses pummeled in real life if they tried to pull the same shit off. They overpopulate the online communication world and so more and more people join the bandwagon to gain popularity online due to desperite need for attention. Could mean anyone who is rude or obnoxiouse to anyone online without being provoked; with fairly poor insults that only other cyber-bullies seem to actually think is funny or makes any sense.

When two meet, they either curse each other out in a stupid arguement or team up and find others to torment.
Person 1: Do you enjoy Anime?
Cyber Bully: OMG, You fucking Jacking-Off Dildo.
Person 1:I was just asking...
Person 2: Dude, go screw around with others in real life except the internet, we all know you'll just get your ass-handed to you anyways.
by Dy-M-Sa July 16, 2008
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A person that has nothing better to do.
These people use sites such as facebook and twitter to be mean to another human.
Person A: Hi

B: Hello
A: I love star wars.
A: Bully! Not just a bully but a cyber bully
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An individual who should be banned from the internet and the use of any electronic device.
Person A: *post picture on instagram*
Cyber bully: *takes screenshot of person A's photo and abuses instagram with a hate account*
by DWsLA00q November 11, 2013
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an asshole that goes around making doctored pictures and saying it's the particular publication. They would go and harass publishers in message boards and offer pirated written works. Often disreguard the DMCA and would go as far as committing a crime called harassment by phone and harassment by wire. In other words, a writer's worst nightmare.
AngryInIllinois is the classic cyberbully, using fake domains and libious content and passes it off as fact.
by illinoishorrorman July 31, 2010
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