To cyberbully is to tease, make fun of, or insult a person on the internet. Basically acting like a tough guy or a bully on the internet.

Someone got cyberbullied and killed herself later on, because what was said to her hurt really badly.
Joe: Yo girl, you really are a disgrace to this world. You shouldn't be here.

Lisa: I am not a disgrace! I can do -

Joe: Nobody likes you. Not even your parents.

Lisa: What?! Yes they do!

Joe: Prove it; did they ever SAY they love you? Probably not.

Lisa: No! Stop! You're wrong!

Joe: Hmph, you're not meant to belong anywhere in this world.

Lisa: STOP!

Later on, Lisa cries, and tells her parents she was being made fun of and insulted on the internet.

Parent: Oh, he was a cyberbully!
by EpicWinzorz December 28, 2009
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What grown adults who lose arguments on the internet say other people did to them to try to make them feel bad as if they’re 11 years old.
Good game, but I still won


Dude aren’t you like 32 years old?

by TheAlwaysCorrect1 December 8, 2022
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an asshole that goes around making doctored pictures and saying it's the particular publication. They would go and harass publishers in message boards and offer pirated written works. Often disreguard the DMCA and would go as far as committing a crime called harassment by phone and harassment by wire. In other words, a writer's worst nightmare.
AngryInIllinois is the classic cyberbully, using fake domains and libious content and passes it off as fact.
by illinoishorrorman July 31, 2010
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A form of bullying where a victim is bullied over social media.
Scientists found a solution for Cyberbullying today, it includes closing the fucking laptop and going outside for once you tech-media slave. Jesus Christ
by BaconSoap December 10, 2015
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A very sensitive topic that circulates the Interwebs; it generally refers to YouTube comments or videos created to target and harass a person, like LeafyIsHere, Keemstar, etc. In addition, cyberbullying can result when one uses an IM app or program to tease people profusely. Many people claim to be a victim of cyberbullying when in fact they are just butthurt because of a one-time, painless YouTube comment or video directed at them. KIDS THERE IS A FINE LINE BETWEEN BEING BUTTHURT AND BEING CYBERBULLIED. Cyberbullying can also arise from a cringey fuckboy IG selfie and massive amounts of people commenting, "ur oogly skrub kys xddxdddddxd". Cyberbullying is a very sensitive topic in schools and among parents because we all know that parents don't stalk their kids' internet histories and we all know what the hell kind of content kids these days are viewing *AHEM THIS WEBSITE*
10-year-old kid (New to the internet): SOMEBODY CALLED ME A FAT GAY SCRUB!!! *Sobs* MOM, I'M A VICTIM OF CYBERBULLYING!!!!!!
Mother: *Sigh* Fuck off, son. That's not bullying, don't get butthurt. (Muttering) Holy shit why did a raise a sensitive prick for a son...
by The_XD_Lord January 6, 2017
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A phrase to describe the use of such entities as myspace, youtube, or any form of chat/free online discussion for the purpose of trash-talking one's peers. Used often by ill-informed middle aged "experts" such as teachers, soccer moms, liberal politicians, social workers, and school administrators who seek to demonize and censor myspace or any other free web usage.
Cyberbullying is often played up as a major threat to youth, although only a very small percent of young internet users are actually offended by others' trash talk and take it to heart enough to actually consider it bullying. And, as so often happens, a few ruin it for the rest of us.
Cyberbullying (among other suppposed causes)isn't what's making kids turn to violence, suicide, drugs, and rebellious ways. It's the fact that there are no morals or family structure in modern society anymore.
by Bob_Lenz July 11, 2008
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