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Evidently, some bar in the Pittsburgh area said to have great food. Also, a famous bar in England of the same name. Has a great suggestive name. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want to go there just because of that.
(looking for directions)
Some guy- How far is the Woodcock Inn?
Other guy- About 6 inches.
by Bob_Lenz April 8, 2008
Tits. Breasts. Torpedoes. Melons. What more needs to be said? Also a rather popular restaurant chain which employs young women with the appropriate physical characteristics to fit the name.
The marketing geniuses who built the Hooters adjacent to the college campus property weren't stupid.

They serve food there?? Who knew?
by Bob_Lenz July 11, 2008
A class of sorts in high school. It is essentially a tech-ed type class in which you get to make projects out of wood. Typically a complete anarchy, and a source of injuries. Also, a rather suggestive term due to the fact that naughty things happen when you're around hard wood all day.
by Bob_Lenz April 8, 2008
A phrase (originally came from American Pie 2) used to start off the description of any random, usually kinky or otherwise appalling sexual act. Typically somehow connected with band, but can be entirely random, also.
"This one time at band camp, I sodomized a drumstick."
by Bob_Lenz April 10, 2008
1) Referring to Timothy E. Upham, the character from Saving Private Ryan. A noncombatant translator, Upham was shy, somewhat soft, gullible, and generally a coward in combat. The outcast of the squad, he was more of a burden than a productive member.

2) A person who exhibits Upham-like qualities; the cancer of the team, or one who draggs down those who he's supposed to help, although unintentionally.
1) Cpl. Upham- "I looked up "fubar" in the German dictionary and there's no fubar in there."

2) He was a real Upham during the airsoft game, he hid behind a wall and let his teammates do the fighting and individually get picked off when he could've been saving thier asses.
by Bob_Lenz April 10, 2008
A phrase to describe the use of such entities as myspace, youtube, or any form of chat/free online discussion for the purpose of trash-talking one's peers. Used often by ill-informed middle aged "experts" such as teachers, soccer moms, liberal politicians, social workers, and school administrators who seek to demonize and censor myspace or any other free web usage.
Cyberbullying is often played up as a major threat to youth, although only a very small percent of young internet users are actually offended by others' trash talk and take it to heart enough to actually consider it bullying. And, as so often happens, a few ruin it for the rest of us.
Cyberbullying (among other suppposed causes)isn't what's making kids turn to violence, suicide, drugs, and rebellious ways. It's the fact that there are no morals or family structure in modern society anymore.
by Bob_Lenz July 11, 2008
A video game made for the Xbox 360. It holds the wonderful distinction as the worst game made for that console. It is essentially a rip-off of the earlier Call of Duty and Medal of Honor series using the same maps, etc. but introducing a god-awful sucky level of gameplay (e.g. It's almost impossible to die and you can beat an entire mission with a pistol, but not be able to interact with your teammates or find objectives) and a thin, watery storyline with very fake British accent overdubs.
Hour of Victory looks like an early PS2 game, except I got more enjoyment out of most early PS2 games.

"I paid $60 for THIS?!" -customer upon release of the game

by Bob_Lenz April 10, 2008