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When Cupcake mix and Pie crust are formed together and baked. Creating a Cuppie. What has become famous on, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Will soon be world renowned as the absolute UBER PWNAGE SNACK FOOD OF ALL TIME!!! Created by - WickedKilla37 and X350

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Pie crust + Cupcake mix = Cuppie
by WickedKilla37 August 11, 2006
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noun: A derogatory term for a Chicago Cubs fan. The term Cuppie is a portmanteau of either "Cubs" or "Cubbies" and "Yuppie." This is because most Cubs fans are yuppie douche-nozzles that ruin the game of baseball with their suit-wearing shenanigans at day games ("yeah bro, gotta roll home to change out of these cargos and into a suit, gotta look like a day trader for all the talent in the bleachers!"), and general lack of baseball knowledge. The female Cuppie is almost as bad, being of the worst type of pink-hatted ignoramus, there only to show off the goods in hopes of getting free beer. Cuppie men are more than happy to oblige, in the hopes of a mid-week hook-up after hitting the Wrigley-ville bars post-game.

This year looks to be especially rage inducing, as there will be more pink hats and suits at Wrigley than you can shake a stick at, since the Cubs are predicted to represent the NL int eh World Series by many experts.

Dude, let's go to the Cubs game and make fun of the Cuppies!

You: Name the Cubs starting lineup

Pink Hat Cuppie: ::shrugs:: lol I dunno, I'm wasted. Ryne Sandberg is so hot does he still play!?
by Will S March 31, 2008
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