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Wrigley is usually a dogs name. They are one of the best dogs. Wrigley are usually loving, happy, and bull headed. Wrigleys usually like a lot of treats and love. Wrigleys usually love to go on long walks and hang out at the dog park. If you find a dog Wrigley, you better treat them with love and kindness because they have such short little lives.
Wrigley is the best dog ever.
by Kma7448 January 16, 2018
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wrigley singular wrigleys plural, noun: Terminology that refers to a particularly young attractive female in attendence at Major League Baseball's National League Chicago Cubs franchise stadium (Wrigley Field), Chicago, watching a baseball game, by long-time denizens of the bleacher section of the indicated stadium.
Chuck...did you see that cute group of wrigleys sitting over in right field?
by RandallORD June 07, 2006
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