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A jockular, uniquely masculine state of mind induced by binging on alcoholic drinks in a patriarchal social environment, resulting in extremely aggressive behaviour towards both people and objects.
U wot?? U fackin' cunt!! I'm fackin' cuntfaced tonite I fackin' tell thee, u cunt!! Now get the fackin' beers in!!

Ra ra ra... absolutely... oh and Darling, could you tell Lady Beldeviere I can't make dinner at the estate tonight? I'm getting cuntfaced with the chaps from the Country Club, don't you know what-what.
Sweetheart, I don't quite understand that appalling term...
Just run along now dear.
by TysonCBeckford April 28, 2006
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cunt-faced - way to drunk but cant do anything about it.
man asks friend in the pub "how do you feel?"
friend replies "absolultly cunt faced!"
by mark strotton October 02, 2006
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Denotes an extreme state of inebriation, synonyms include geebagged, bladdered and wankered
I swear to God, I have never in my life been so cunt-faced as I was last night after that triple-blue aftershock and redbull in a pint glass with ice.
by James Gaffney December 01, 2004
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