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first considered the female equivalent of "tea bagging", cunt bunting has now expanded into a popular sport. The sport is done by females with actions to the cunt similar to a nut check. The attacker slaps the defender's cunt. The defender can to choose to block, but only by physically diverting the attack. There are also rules that involve illegal plays, such as the "shocker."
Today, our cunt bunting was disqualified for trying to use the shocker.

Luckily, I saw her coming in time to block her cunt bunt.
by captainofthecunterbunts July 01, 2009
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The girl-girl equivalent of cock blocking.
"Do you need me to cunt bunt for you?" Sonja asked Winfield, as he described the aggressive sexual attention from another woman at the party.
by Sonja B July 22, 2005
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