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Cuddleing is the one thing that can make or break the relationship. Its when you choose to hold, kiss, and caress your girl over turning on the tube and watchin the game like a dick.

Its the best way to show love and affection towards your girl.
You just got finsihed have sex with your girl so what do you do now? You wrap your arms around her and hold her as close to you as you can.(This is cuddleing) Don't forget to wispher sweet nothings in her ear as you do so.

Your lover comes home and is dead tired. No sex for you bucco. But that doesnt mean you sit down and watch T.V. like a dumbass. You take her to the couch, cuddle up to her nice and lovingly. And now you ask her how her day was.
by BoredToTearsIslandBoy February 16, 2009
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