walking in a different direction to that of your peers.
making them change where they are going, with subtlty.

being different and trying to stand out.
'lets pave the way over here.'

'come on lets pave the way'
by LOL :) May 22, 2008
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It's what BTS did
Local: I smell asphalt
Intellectual: that's cause BTS paved the way
by The chillest April 6, 2019
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following the path that your peers made.
Sunmi said, bts paved the way

bts paved the way
by epgcf March 30, 2019
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Okay so this is VERYYYYYYY short. Hear me out. PAVED (1) THE (2) WAY (3) has 3 words. What else has 3 words? Yes. Bulletproof Boys Scout. Yes keren yes. Im not trying to be dramatic but STAN BTS FOR HEALTHY SKIN, GOOD GRADES AND A LIFE WITH FULL OF UWU-NESS BCS OF YOONGI LIL MEOW MEOW , MELTI-NESS BCS OF THEIR PERFORMANCE, SADNESS BCS JUNGKOOK CUT HIS MF HAIR BEFORE MAKE IT INTO SPACE AND MAN BUN +_($!#)*;*($!#(!$).
Person 1: Who is BTS?
Person 2: Oh a boy band group that PAVED THE WAY and has 7 members. You should listen to their songs about loving yourself.
Person 1: Imma search them up.
Person 2: *whisper* new army checked.
by canjungkookdoamfmanbun October 17, 2019
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Enabling others to do something the way you did, without facing the same difficulties or problems because you cleared that route for them
"Nct dream paved the way for cute boy concepts"
by ohwormok April 17, 2019
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