Game Show Love: Dating two or more people and playing them against each other while professing "true love" to each.
Guy: What's up with Jen? Why's she hanging on John sobbing hysterically and why's he so bewildered?
Girl: Turns out she's been in Game Show Love with him, his brother, and best friend, but she's getting married to his Dad. She still wants to go to Cabo with him though.
by cold_snap November 19, 2013
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The Way That Bodies Collied When your Making Love, Not Just Sex.
Baby I want to be inside you as our naked bodies collide in an epic passion of love showing
by Morbidadams February 10, 2009
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Today show me that you love me and tell me how much you care even if it's only a moment
National Day to show love is April 30
by Fucking_bitch April 29, 2019
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Giving just as good as recieving
Guy 1

Do you show love
Guy 2
Mmm yes I do

Guy 1 'whips out the m'am er jammer showing love '
by No thing chicken wing December 07, 2020
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The way Nigerians ask/beg for money from their friends or loved ones.
Show me love bro. Make I send my aza
by Alhaji Bruno February 26, 2021
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