9 definitions by Alexa corsova

a smelly shity place made out of bricks were kids go to be pushed around by gay principles and techers.it is a jail were you learn

school is for education...and a prision for kids to suffer
by Alexa corsova July 12, 2005
the curency(money) they used in spain befor the euros came they are egual to a english pound.
i will pay you cinco pesetas for five english pounds
by Alexa corsova July 10, 2005
a person from Malaga.wich is a city in southern spain
i am malaguena and barcelonian.
by Alexa corsova July 7, 2005
a famous homosexual piano player who plays with guys as much as he plays the piano.
Elton john played many songs for disney and he is gay..see the connection there..kinda makes you wonder
by Alexa corsova January 25, 2005
a country in the caribian.which is 90 miles away from key west florida its capital is Havana and its natinal anthem is "La Bayamesa"which means the Bayamo song in english..it use to be a torrist atraction in the 20-40s and 50s until Fedel Castro gained political control and became its dictator.
my mom was born in guantanamo Cuba.
by Alexa corsova July 7, 2005
a country in asia,it is a series of islands in the pacific.the capital is Manila and the languge they use is tagalog.
The phillipines is a beautiful country.
by Alexa corsova July 10, 2005
a word used for 5 pesetas coins, the older Spanish currency before the Euro.
10 pesetas are two duros
by Alexa corsova July 25, 2020