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A Cuban from the country-side the lands, a mountain man, farmer.

Guajiro's are the back-bones of Cuba they harvest the tobbacco crops etc.

Guajiros take a roll playing music in Cuba; music is called "Son" sacred country music; Buena Vista Social Club plays that Cuban genre.
Oye guajiro digale a ese gallego que lo ricos se echan pa lao.

Hey "guajiro" tell that (Rich Spain Decendent Man) to move to the side.
by Erick Mendez November 12, 2004
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Spain, African, and Chinese
creating the most diverse racial tone and slang language, music, politics, intruments, etc.

Cuban to me it means multi-racial of many talent.

next to alot of other beautiful countrys of the caribbean and those who are not.

Tight country i'm proud to be C.CAN
Tight Country. etc... I mean Playa de Varadero, Old Havana, Valle de Yumuri, Villa Clara, Santiago de Cuba. dale
by Erick Mendez November 9, 2004
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Surenos is latinos that were born in the south, But most latin and mexican gangs say is southern cholos
by Erick Mendez February 14, 2005
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A spanish word, mostly often used in Spanish Carribean, such as Cuba, PR, DR, Panama, Mexico(Yucatan), etc.

This word was very popular during the 50's, other words spread like carajo for example.

Not only a Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban word.
by Erick Mendez November 6, 2004
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