Loves horses, great bestfriend, Boyfriend, awesome personality
Shy when you first meet him, Has cute nieces and nephews,
Can score the cutest girls in the world, travles all over!
Do you know cruze?

Person; yuh the fast guy?
Me;Yeaaa i know that tugey
by Thrasher_Vibes August 28, 2018
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An economy car made by Chevrolet. There's a very large car enthusiast group dedicated to the Cruze called Cruzetalk.
Do you have the BNR tune on your Cruze?
What all have you done to your Cruze?
by anothey93 December 11, 2016
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A slang used by car enthusiasts meaning to go for a drive. Cruzes don't always have a destination but generally begin from a predetermined place and time. It is also a way to meet other car people and hang out as cruzes will often stop to chat, rest, and take pictures.
There is a cruze this Saturday, you should come!
by Cirq1 November 19, 2010
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Just a foreign word for “Bus Wanker
Today my hire car is at the garage! I’m going to have to be a right Cruze
by GrammarNaziii November 25, 2019
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n. as in Ryan Cruze, can be aplied to anything, as long as its something negative.
Ohh man, you really Curzed that one up.

Ahhh, I got Cruze all over me!

Get your Cruze out of my face
by Nolan likes to play Boggle March 19, 2004
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Looking for porn on Twitter. Bonus points if you get caught "liking" one of the posts and blame it on a hack, then on a staffer.
I understand the problems the country currently faces, but I plan to spend the night Cruzing.
by SheriffBoss September 12, 2017
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When someone calls your wife ugly and you still kiss their ass then commit treason for them.
I totally got cruzed today at the senate.
by steverrrr January 11, 2021
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