will take you to court, sue you, take legal action against you, or report you to a higher authority

Used in Britain (at least), colloquially.
"I'll have you done for harassment if you ever call me again"

"I'll have you done for cowardice if you dare speak again."

"I'll have you done for slander"
by Burrito_ October 20, 2016
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Used to express astonishment when somebody says or does something completely out of character. The only possible explanation is that they've been replaced by an alien shape-shifter who looks exactly like them, but acts differently.

The phrase is a parody of the cliché found in old movies, when somebody returns home to find their lover gone and a stranger in their place.
Shanee: "I'm going to stay in tonight and study."
Ruthie: "Who are you, and what have you done with Shanee?"
by Yogi Bhajan February 9, 2011
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Said to someone when they used to provide very helpful things, but no longer do
You used to give me great things, but -
What have you done for me lately?
by nick_g July 12, 2011
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A common thing teachers say in primary school, when you upset someone or hurt someone.
It can also be used when you are TALKING WHEN THE TEACHER IS (which btw I have not done) ;)
You pull Bob’s hair.
Bob is crying like crazy.
Me: It wasn’t me!
Teacher: Say sorry NOW!!
Me: Uh, sorry Bob
Teacher: Now go sit in timeout and think about what you have done.
Reluctantly, you go and sit in the ‘special timeout chair’ that isn’t different from the rest of the blue chairs.
by Shrek is a potato March 23, 2023
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The saying “Have You Done Your Part?”is a quote from The 9 Year Old Army in the Subscriber War against Pewdiepie and T-Series. Doing your part means to aid PewDiePie. in his battle against T-Series.
Person 1: *Plays Bitch Lasagna in the park*

Person 2: Look! Their doing their part!
Person 3: Have you done your part?
Person 2: Hmmm,not yet! Wait,I have an idea! I’ll knock on my neighbors doors and say “subscribe to PewDiePie!
Person 3: That’s the spirit!
by 9YearOldArmyVeteran January 1, 2019
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