Some part of speech we dont know:
used to insult someone/something
your suchhh a necrophilic...jkayy. BNR!

BNR MILK. gooder than 213871239817239812731238123 goods together

I think you are an ugly whore. JUST KIDDING (jk) BUT NOT REALLY (bnr). Because there is always some truth to every "just kidding"
by Taylor and Sonia March 13, 2007
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The acronym of: But not really.
You're clever. BNR.
by Roxanne Policia January 25, 2013
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I was like ya becky you got a great BNR no pepperoni's here.
by BNRinspector.srl4.13.90 October 27, 2010
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Bee-En-Arr (usage: noun, singular)

Acronym used for various terms, including but not limited to: Butthumping Nut Rubber, Bastardly Necrophilic Ratfucker, Boy's Next Rimjob, and more.
Prison is full of BNRs.
by anon January 13, 2005
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But Not Really.

Used at the end of a statement just to contradict everything you just said.
Oh yeah today you were having a really good hair day and i really feel like we could become close friends....bnr.
by Alec Jay May 8, 2009
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means 'but not really', usually used you say jj, implying that you actually did mean what you said before
dude: hey i hate you, jj, bnr, ahahaha
other dude: you have a lot of suppressed anger and rage dont you?
by Skills a million November 6, 2006
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Just playin' with ya. (but not really)
Girl:'re really stupid.
Boy: WHAT?!
by Lissa Coyle January 16, 2008
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