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A croucher is a person who crouches under swings at night playing a cello because he is a homo with no friends.
Oh look at that croucher his instrument is bigger than him.
by Croucher hater August 23, 2009
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1.) A guy who has blisters on his knees from giving prison guards blowjobs.

2.) A guy who's instrument is bigger than him, eg, double bass or Cello.

3.) A homeless guy who crouches under a swing or slide at a playground.
Lol check out that Croucher at the town basin! Hahaha!

Hey, that guy is smaller than his instrument! What a Croucher!

Check out those knees! Croucher!
by dshgjhsdjghjsdhjg August 30, 2009
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The somewhat inconvenient convenience encountered in developing countries (and tragically, still in some developed ones too): a toilet where there is not much more than a hole in the floor framed by a metal or ceramic slab.

Therefore, for westerners, if one finds oneself in need of a number 2 then some important decisions need to be made regarding lower thigh strength, flexibility, clothing removal logistics and just necessity.
“I wanted to use the toilets at that last service station but they only had crouchers so I decided to hold it in until we get home.”
by Stivchik February 21, 2018
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