A male vocalist who sings popular songs, with background music of jazz or a band.
Frank Sinatra and Ricky Nelson are crooners
by Elizzabeth May 25, 2006
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To have a relaxed drink during a heavy drinking session.

A crooner is anything less alcoholic than what you are currently drinking or what you are about to drink.

The word is derived from the relaxed singing style of crooning.
Yolande: "Should we open a bottle of scotch?"
Sandy: "Not just yet, I will start with a crooner."

Jim: "Another shot of vodka mate?"
Steve: "Nah, I going to take it slow and have a crooner."
by vedi October 18, 2011
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An angry old bint or shriv who shouts at people for doing nothing wrong
Grandpa Edward is a right old croon/crooner
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an old, dirty, angry man who hates his life and job and takes out his misery on youth. often a crooner will be seen spying on young college girls with an innapropriate smile on his dirty mustached face. He is probably imagining what it would be like to have sex with them if he dick still worked at his current age.
Mellissa doesn't like eating in the cafeteria because the crooner who serves baked beans always eye-rapes her.
by chris christopherson April 16, 2006
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An elderly man with a YouTube channel called 'The Kosher Crooner' where he sings songs and plays his guitar. He is Jewish and delightful.
"Hey do you watch The Kosher Crooner?"
"Bog off."
by patrioticpakistani March 6, 2023
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An elderly readers wife who makes regular appearances in the pages of a top shelf Jazz Mag.
'Has anyone seen my April edition of 'MILF times', there's a Jazz crooner on page 42 that looks just like Mavis from accounts?'
by chesterpest January 17, 2010
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a dude who serenades a girl's clothes of for the purpose of getting laid.
"Dude, she let him up in dat?" "Yeah man, definite crotch crooner"
by Bud Hogan July 10, 2006
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