Yolande is a beautiful , sexy , and intellent person . she is easy for any man to fall in love with but she is a person who doesnt fall inlove easy and is a person who hardly trust, but when she does , dont screw it up . she is very loyal and and caring . she is lovable every where she goes and very talented , she is great in sports and very amazing , she as friends every where she goes .
Yolande is so beautiful and awesome
by Tedesha April 24, 2018
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Yolande is the word you say when something unbelievable or unusual has happened. For instance, if that guy who always calls in sick on a Monday, actually turns up on time, everyone in the office will shout Yolande!
It comes from the Eastenders meme when Patrick falls over in the shop out of shock and probably shouts Yolande!
Scott: Nick was out drinking at the weekend he won't be in today.
8.25am Nick walks through the door.
Scott, Dan and Jamie all shout: Yolande!
by Citizen147 June 22, 2021
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yo is so bootiful, she is great
there is my bestist m8 yo
by stinker June 28, 2004
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