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Eric Hilliard Nelson AKA 'Ricky Nelson' (born on may 8 1940) was an American singer-songwriter, know as a rock 'n roll & pop star. He became very populair in the 50's/60's with hit songs such as "I will follow you", "Travelin'man", "A teenagers Romance" and many more. Ricky's big inspiration was Elvis presley , though, he was also a big inspiration to other upcoming musicians at that time (and i'm sure he still is). He made his film debut in 'Here Come the Nelsons' and had a small role in 'The Story of Three Loves'. Following his success on TV and with singing, Howard Hawks cast him as a gunslinger in Rio Bravo. He appeared in 33 movies/tv shows in total. He married Kris Harmon on April 20, 1963. They got 4 childeren. following the birth of their last child, the marriage had deteriorated and a very public, controversial divorce involving both families was covered in the press for several years. In October 1977, Kris filed for divorce and asked for custody of their four children. (and a portion of community property). Later in 1980 he met Helen blair. She was the only woman he dated after his divorce. Nelson died in a plane crash on December 31, 1985. All seven passengers, including Blair, died. Only the two pilots survived. Nelson's funeral took place at the Church of the Hills on January 6, 1986, and he was privately buried in the Forest Lawn in Los Angeles. (His estate was bequeathed to his children, and he did not provide for ex-wife Kris Nelson. #Karma)
Person A: "I love ricky nelson"
Person B: "He was a great musician, what is your fav. song?"
Person A: "definitely 'A Teenagers Romance' "
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by MooMoo99 August 09, 2020
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