Crofton. (Affectionately known as "C-Town" to its residents). It's a town full of semi-rich white people, but we don't hold anything against blacks (in fact we love them). The houses are big, not waterfront Annapolis-big.. but compared to the average American house they are good. There are 3 elementary schools- Crofton, Crofton Meadows, and Crofton Woods. The crazy county people then push everyone together for middle school at Crofton Middle School, then when we begin high school they split everyone up between South River High School and Arundel High School. You can pretty much ride your bike anywhere in Crofton. There are no big attractions except our Rita's that people from Crownsville and Bowie come and use.

Nobody has ever heard of Crofton. We frecuently get the "Where's that?". It's true. Why would anyone ever come here? Unless they wanted to visit the famous snakehead fish thing a couple years ago. We have no malls. Most of our good restaurants actually belong to other cities like Bowie and Odenton, etc. We don't have a movie theatre (we used to.. now its a golds gym... remember the days). We don't have a Whole Foods. We have our own seperate police department, not part of the county. We have 4 major pool/country clubs.. Walden, Crofton, Crofton Swim & Tennis, Nantucket.

We are average people. Our parents have money, yeah, but not as much as some people. We are for the most part good kids.
Remember the code. It's 21114.
by ssmile June 22, 2005
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A small town in Maryland, full of rich preppy white kids. People in the next town over do not know what or where Crofton is. The Mews is the only non-whitebread neighborhood in the town, it's an appartment complex full of ghetto-wannabe black kids with proficient parents who worked hard to get out of the hood, while their kids want to be in it. Also where the infamous snakehead fish was found some three years ago.
Crofton is the whitest friggin' town in Maryland.
by Quaks June 4, 2005
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A blonde boy that is really really gay and sucks dick for a living he as never had sex with a girl but he has been fucked by many girls
by Princeton February 2, 2017
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the neigborhood Crofton use to be a very rich white family friendly niegborhood and it had it's first murder 20 years after it officaly became a town but since it borders bowie and other pg county neigborhoods blacks slowly started to move here and partsd of crofton like the meadows and mews that have less exspentive houses started having more black people living in these parts of crofton and then we had the great snake heads wars were lots of men lost their lifes and after that problem around 2006 major crimes started happening but not as much as glen burnie but more then crofton ever had brfore and by 2010 black pertange in crofton middle school was 14% and 5 years ago it was only 6 percent.Then crofton was known for something else.........GANG VIOLENCE do to the murder of a 14 year old and now crofton has becomed the earlier stages of how bowie was well yeah you know what I'm saying

Do to crofton being more rich then other neigborhoods but let is in the news for gang violence it has many enemies like odenton,Bowie,Gambrills and edgewater but we don't really give a fuck about edgewater cause they are just abunch of racist rednecks.We have 5 schools crofton elementary and crofton woods,meadows,nan tucket,and are middle school but yet we don't have a high school?????
by jonsmash1234 February 9, 2011
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Crofton academy, Wakefield this is a very special school serving the villages of Sharlston, Streethouse occasionally children from Crofton attend. Although they are terrorised by the streethousers and often fear for their lives. Muggings and kidnapping in the corridors are rife, shoes and water bottles are often stolen. The teachers are oblivious to the mafia gangs, all being of a narcissistic type, they are to busy strutting around checking their own reflection in the windows. Blazers are compulsory to give the air of organisation, smart children mean good grades said the head. Grades are not great, with a whole host of narcissistic teachers the only topics the teachers excel in are themselves. The children that excel are those that deal green, going on to be mastermind crack dealers. The teachers are all extremely proud of themselves, holding yearly top teacher Oscars. Parents are banned from complaining and only complements are accepted. Parents who complain are reported to social services for insanity. Ofsted inspectors are blinded by the charm of the narcissistic teachers, giving a excellent grade every year unaware of the gun smuggling and crystal meth laboratory disgused as a science laboratory. The meth lab is extremely profitable with exports going as far as Istanbul.
I attend Crofton Academy school
by bootcutter67 April 20, 2023
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A school that has had requires improvement since 2016 and all

"Oi charva man might send my kids to crofton"
"Rahhh fam they have had requiresimprovement bare time and is going to become a outwood which would result in your kid getting excluded karen"
"Ok Bruce mans kids are off Becketts fam"
"Oi charva mans going to send manz kids to crofton academy blud"
"Rahhh that school is bad and going to become a outwood"
by Fitsymandemelite November 26, 2019
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crofton middle school is home of popular white girls who rotate boyfriends and let their boyfriends say the n- word, and the boys only date white blondes or brunettes that can dye their hair blonde. you’ll also find the most racist kids ever born, and if you’re planning on going there, good luck if your not a white blonde!
omg, crofton middle school is a hell hole
by idontcarelol January 30, 2021
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