Rahhh // verb // noun

Pronounced: ra

confession of ones love for another. Initially used when said love has not been disclosed and one, typically the male, has an overwhelming desire to express this even if said slang is not understood by the receiver.

once established in a relationship used as an in joke to express love for each other.

expression of love often associated in moments when lost in a partners outlines or long stares.

Note; commonly highly emotive and adjoined with punctuation such as an exclamation mark.
Rahhh! I miss you
by Bousnock12 July 8, 2021
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The word used by Somalians in illford.
"Yo Montana this dope is mad"
"Rahhhh it's safe fam, man will link more soon"
by LoooolStormzy February 25, 2016
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To act like a lion...
you run up to someone in a lion costume and scream RAHH (it is fun!)
by DEstiny January 30, 2005
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Person: You're one dinosaur
by IfTimePermits November 24, 2020
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1) An expression used to indicate that you don`t give a fuck about what the person is saying.

2) An expression used as non-sense towards someone whether they are in a car driving and you are walking on the sidewalk or someone in the hallways of a school.

3) An expression of non-sense that can be said in a high pitched voice or said like you're a dinosaur.

4) Using a crab as example: hold a crab up to someone and pretend like the crab is saying RAHHH!
1) Vasilli: Hey Thomas did you hear about this one time when I was at basketball..

Thomas: RAHHH!
by NightHawkOriginal May 2, 2009
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In order to scare some one!
well umm u just go up 2 sum retard no go: RAHHH!
by aLLhAiLMeGaN July 20, 2004
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My friend: She gave me head and bit my dick
Me: Rahhh Fam
by Panda12lol October 15, 2019
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