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The word used by Somalians in illford.
"Yo Montana this dope is mad"
"Rahhhh it's safe fam, man will link more soon"
by LoooolStormzy August 29, 2016
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To act like a lion...
you run up to someone in a lion costume and scream RAHH (it is fun!)
by DEstiny January 29, 2005
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In order to scare some one!
well umm u just go up 2 sum retard no go: RAHHH!
by aLLhAiLMeGaN July 20, 2004
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1) An expression used to indicate that you don`t give a fuck about what the person is saying.

2) An expression used as non-sense towards someone whether they are in a car driving and you are walking on the sidewalk or someone in the hallways of a school.

3) An expression of non-sense that can be said in a high pitched voice or said like you're a dinosaur.

4) Using a crab as example: hold a crab up to someone and pretend like the crab is saying RAHHH!
1) Vasilli: Hey Thomas did you hear about this one time when I was at basketball..

Thomas: RAHHH!
by NightHawkOriginal May 02, 2009
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