South River is a wretched school full of the most disgusting and vile people imaginable. The Teachers have to deal with asshole kids on the daily which makes them grumpy and it turns into a vicious cycle. Everyone that goes here thinks that they are the shit, but in reality they’re all stuck up. It has a mixture of ghettos, preps, and rednecks with Crofton kids sprinkled in between. The bathrooms smell like mangos.
Employer: on a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you enjoy your highschool experience?
Me: 0. I went to South River High School
by Generation Z gang January 23, 2019
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A run down school in Edgewater, Maryland. It is known or being very trashy/redneck and ghetto. People that don't go here think that this school is very nice, but students from South River will tell you how shitty it really is. The walls are made out of cardboard cause we're ghetto like that.
New student: "This school smells like doo doo and is very redneck and overcrowded."
Old student: "Welcome to Murrica...I mean South River High School."
by I'mtotallyawesome;) July 11, 2014
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