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Snakeheads are Chinese gangs which smuggle people to other countries. They appear often especially in the Fujian region of China and smuggle their "customers" often into more wealthy Western countries like the United Kingdom or the United States.

The name snakehead comes from the people being smuggled, often called "man-snake" in the Chinese language. The people who organize the smuggling are therefore called snakeheads (head of (man-)snakes), which is in fact a word-by-word translation of the Chinese term
Early this morning, police raided a snakehead flophouse in East London.
by Sherlock123 May 19, 2006
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Snakehead is the common name for Channidae, a family of freshwater fish that can breathe air and "walk" on land. While not native to the U.S., snakehead fish have been accidentally introduced into the waters of some states, including Maryland. To snakehead is to arrive at a destination in an unexpected way.
Walking instead of driving, driving instead of flying, crawling instead of swimming are all examples of snakeheading.
by doublement May 13, 2009
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"Snake heads" is a sex act involving a person kneeling in between two people and blowing then both (one penis in each hand) then making the "Snake heads" kiss by touching the two penises together.
"Jenny is such a ho she did snake heads to me and Ronnie,it was sick i don't want my dick touching his dick."
by Dalton Cothern January 01, 2008
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to give another person a blowjob while they are sleeping or passed out, such as being sneaky like a snake.
Yea he passed out so i jus snake headed him.
by big daddyZ December 22, 2008
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