A place in Maryland near Annapolis, in which is very smelly for some odd reason. If you are ever visiting Odenton, you should bring a gas mask with you, because the smell is unbearable.
Beth: "This place smells like poo poo."
Jade: "We must be in Odenton."
by I'mtotallyawesome;) July 10, 2014
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Also known as the middle-of-nowhere, Odenton is pretty boring. There nothing to do, probably because it's so small. It's right next to Crofton and Gambrills, no one really knows where they are either. Most kids here go to Annapolis to have their fun, some choose Baltimore or DC. Annapolis mainly for the mall, DC for sights and museums, or Baltimore for the harbour.

When you think Odenton, just think GORC because that's about the only 'special' thing about Odenton.
Lucy: I live in Odenton.
Joey: Where is that?
by shaday May 17, 2007
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Often mis-pronounced Oh-ding-ton by most residents, Odenton is located somewhere between Gambrills, Fort Meade, and Crofton (Not that anyone really cares.) The most interesting fact about this name is what it spells backwards, "noten do" (nothin' to do.) Which is absolutely correct, considering there really is "nothin' to do in Odenton.

This town consits of town houses, McMansions, the Piney Orchard Compound, some desent restaurants, train tracks that are never used, public schools, and the most feared/beloved nieghborhood; Chaplegate!

G.O.R.C. is the most recgonized place, though only 8th graders that think they're "the shit", and kyle wayne along with his posse hang out there on "GORC Tuesday" (which is really located on the Wednesday of every week.) Girls are not allowed to play sports there... softball doesn't count because they are dykes. All girls must play on the shitty fields of Four Seasons Elementry School. But don't worry, they got nice, well at least the class of 2012 did when they played rec...

There are 4 public elementary schools (Odenton, Four Seasons, Piney Orchard, Waugh Chapel), 1 middle school (Arundel Middle School), and then from the middle school they go to Arundel High School located in Gambrills... even though it's right next to the fucking middle school it's still in a different town (wtf).

Most Odentoners hate C-town folks, considering how stuck up they are. BUT we do have to get along in high school. We are just jealous because we are poor and not as smart as these Croftoners. Though we are better at sports, so it's all good.
Bobby: Hey you wanna chill in Odenton with me tonight?

Gabriella: Ew, what the duck?! Let's just go to C-Town, FAGGOT.
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