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Crofton. (Affectionately known as "C-Town" to its residents). It's a town full of semi-rich white people, but we don't hold anything against blacks (in fact we love them). The houses are big, not waterfront Annapolis-big.. but compared to the average American house they are good. There are 3 elementary schools- Crofton, Crofton Meadows, and Crofton Woods. The crazy county people then push everyone together for middle school at Crofton Middle School, then when we begin high school they split everyone up between South River High School and Arundel High School. You can pretty much ride your bike anywhere in Crofton. There are no big attractions except our Rita's that people from Crownsville and Bowie come and use.

Nobody has ever heard of Crofton. We frecuently get the "Where's that?". It's true. Why would anyone ever come here? Unless they wanted to visit the famous snakehead fish thing a couple years ago. We have no malls. Most of our good restaurants actually belong to other cities like Bowie and Odenton, etc. We don't have a movie theatre (we used to.. now its a golds gym... remember the days). We don't have a Whole Foods. We have our own seperate police department, not part of the county. We have 4 major pool/country clubs.. Walden, Crofton, Crofton Swim & Tennis, Nantucket.

We are average people. Our parents have money, yeah, but not as much as some people. We are for the most part good kids.
Remember the code. It's 21114.
by ssmile June 22, 2005
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