Crippled is when someone is injured or is in large amounts of pain for large increments of time Crippled
Hay Mackenna your a crippled human being
by livvv604 November 9, 2017
Crippling Crippling is a broad term statement used to describe a general mood and, or feeling of a person, can be used to describe pain, or emotions. A Generalized feeling of unwellness.
I've got crippling crippling my back is so messed up
I've got some advanced level crippling crippling (Depression)
by Xcfirecraft April 5, 2019
Someone who is injured or disabled in any shape, way or form. Usually need crutches, wheelchair or walking stick to walk, or sometimes just has a slight limp to their walk.
Bella: Hi, what happened to your leg?
Nikki: I broke it!
Caity: So you're a cripple!

Bella: Get well soon!
by lopsided cucumber May 6, 2019
A person who has a disability and embraces it, rather than feeling sorry for themselves.
Yes, I am a Cripple, got a problem with that?
by Cynicalbeauty February 23, 2006
Something that is so ridiculously pitiful that it hurts you.
The shriveled up little dumpster baby was so crippling that I killed myself.
by JuccBoi April 4, 2020
Someone who has been newly initiated into the "Crips" gang.
D'bo just got initiated into the Crips. Let's get buck n' crunk to dat funky c-walk in celebration to his being crippled.

Q: Why's the sky blue?
A: 'Cause the Earth B crippled cuz!
by Ballz-Loc April 26, 2007
poisonous, very unplesasant, physically draining, unenjoyable
This weekend was crippling.
by Rocky February 10, 2004