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The perfect girl. the one who has all the guys at her feet. absolutely beautiful, smart, a great listener, and everyone wants to be around her, and even though she has a hard life, she will always try her best to make yours better.
Kevin: i need help mackenna i dont have any friends

Mackenna: aww kevin im your friend! everything will be fine hun

Kevin: thanks
by Kevin the irish dude January 19, 2009
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Mackenna is a beautiful. All her friends call her perfect and love spending time with her. She is someone who can always make you laugh especially when you need cheering up. She is really fit and has a great bod. She is someone who listen to all your problems and is a great friend. She normally wants only one guy even though she is given so many opportunities for others. Mackenna is a great girl to meet and to get to know and you won't regret her friendship.
Hayley: "Mackenna I don't know what to do, I'm really upset and I just need to talk to someone". Mackenna: "Hey, talk to me, I will try and make you feel better". Hayley: '"Thank you for being a great friend". Mackenna: "Of course, Thank you for being mine".
by lit:))) September 19, 2017
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This girl is damn fine. She is all around just great. She is attractive and is always smiling. She may be insecure, but doesn't let it show. She has lots of friends and is very smart. She'll make you laugh. Definitely a bad ass. All the guys want to get a piece of that bootylicous ass. She is pretty much perfect.
James: Oh damn.. Look at her. I want a piece of that ass.
Kevin: Everyone does. That's Mackenna. I want her.
by Ja'Quisha February 03, 2012
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Mackennas are simply hot af. Their ass is juicy and squeezable and hot bod.
Alexia: did you see Mackenna? Her ass is huge

Taylor: I know, I must grab it now or never
by Dylan callduty January 09, 2015
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An awesome, smart, talented girl. Usually medium height. Has little to no friends.
Hey there is a Mackenna being medium height.
by Bisexual beast February 21, 2017
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Mackenna is a track and football person. Usually has brown or black hair. She has 2 to 6 siblings. Tries to be popular and kind of succeeds. This person usually has more than 15 cousins on both her mom and dads side. She is amazing, caring, and kind.
Mackenna is so good at track!
by Grassinbassin June 01, 2018
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The most amazing person ever. Clumsy but cares if someone hurts themselves. Usually has red hair. Her friends are usually called tayla, christelle,isabelle, ellie
Mackenna is the best person ever
I wish I could be her girlfriend
by Crazy_Cat_Lady_165 August 01, 2017
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