acronymn for Business As Usual
Quiet day at work today; everything is BAU.
by bosban February 26, 2005
1. The three "words" that the dog on Blue Clue's uses through out the show on Nickelodeon.

2. A code for when you need to talk to someone urgently.

3. Used just for fun.
1. Steve: "So Blue, what do you want to do today?"
Blue: "Bau bau bau"
Steve: "That's great, Blue! Do you want to play Blue's
Blue: "Bau bau bau"

2. Amehh: Hola!
Salad: Hey GuyZ.
Sarah: Hi Srat!
Tammy: Hii Salad!
Justo: Hi baby. =
Mykul: Keep me company?
Salad: Sure thing!
Amehh: FTW! Tmmy+Srah! Baubaubau.

3. Person1: Heyy.
Person2: Baubaubau. (:
by Amehh February 18, 2008
slang term for boss
(speek: bows)
who the baus nigga? who's the motherfuckin baus? (slim thug)
by germandude August 26, 2006
Stands for Behavoiral Analysts Unit.
A branch of the FBI.
Don’t read this they forced me to do it lol bau
by Leave me alone NOW March 12, 2020
the correct spelling for the term baus, which is a slang term for boss

person who owns bitches (figuratively)
Who the fuck you think ya fuckin with? I'm the fuckin bau$$.
by babiahh09 May 22, 2008
1. The living and breathing embodiment of awesome.

2. The true pronunciation of this word is the same as boss.

3. The origin of this word is based on a last name molded with the alternate word, boss.

4. It is wrong to pronounce this word as BOWS as that is ignorant and unintelligent.
Like a baus, Like a Baus, Like A Baus
by imtheBaus August 16, 2013