A back or neck pain leading to a spaz
Man that chair was cricking me!
by KDGirl February 11, 2009
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Mr.wong said, "Rook diss ray prease," and the camera went "Crick"
by mavros April 3, 2006
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a heinous derogatory term that should be take with extreme offense

meaning irrelevant or boring, not a compliment
I hear bobcats drink wine coolers, they are so cricks!
Bro this party is so cricks lets blow this popsicle stand.
by McDrizz April 24, 2014
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A generalized racial slur. Usable for any race or religion.
Look at that dirty crick over there. He'll never get a job.

Hey, I'm not a crick. I'm a crick.
by mooglemoogle May 15, 2007
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crick is a rare individual. they are made completely of gang signs and are known to have the largest foreheads in mankinds history. they make disgusting jojo reference and only in rare cases are they ever not gay.
by uwugiver November 23, 2018
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those flailers were callin me til 3am for some crick rock lastnite.
by cocainebeautifuLL September 21, 2007
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1)A penis that doesn't hang lower than the ball sack. Even when erect.
2)A ball sack that hasn't dropped.
1) Yo, that dude's dick was so small that he might have even had a crick.

2)Brett had to have a crick man, cuz his voice was so damn high.
by A-Lu September 26, 2006
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