Music that mostly originated from black people but is now listened to by a wide audience. It includes a number of genres within it.
by belz June 21, 2005
It's a fusion of Classic/Alternative-Rock, Funk Rock, Hip-Hop & Soul combined with soulful overtones as well as melodic choruses. Music considered to soulful to be completely rock and to alternative rock to be R&B Hip-Hop.

The word was introduced by Urban Rock Band The Rocturnals formerly known as KansasCali in early 2000 to describe their style of music.
The difference between rock music and urban rock music is that urban rock is a little more melodic & bottom heavy.
by Music Historian June 28, 2011
The type of music that calms you and listen in the dark at 3 am when your in your feels. Artists including Jhene Aiko, Bryson tiller and Giveon produce this type of music.
You: I can’t sleep and it’s 3am

*im gonna play some urban contemporary music to put me in my feels*

You: I’m gonna play my in my feels playlist
by Urban contemporary music December 2, 2020