linda is an amazing friend, she never studies for tests but somehow gets 100. if you find a Linda never let her go ( and give her food)
hey, where did your food go?
linda probably ate it
by sarcastic amazing person January 3, 2019
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linda vaccinates her kids just to make her enemy, karen jealous
by lunarrr December 8, 2019
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Linda is the sweetest nicest most caring girl i have ever met. everyday i wake up thanking god that i have her in my life. she’s the best girlfriend ever and i’m never letting her go. she’s the most loyal trustworthy person and the fact that she is those things makes me so so happy to call her mine. she’s the owner of my heart <3
by kdawg3000000 July 30, 2019
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meaning beautiful or cute in spanish..would usually fun,caring and effin awesome in bed! is described mostly to be crazy and not care what others think if her.
that girl over there,jessy, is so linda..
by Undeadx March 6, 2009
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Spanish adjetive as "beautiful".
This adjetive is used by latin people (Mexico,Argentina...)
Esa chica es muy linda( This girl is very beautiful).
by chocolat_e January 11, 2007
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she eat every chip but she is the best friend you will away loss against her in bee sim but she never practiced but got 10 out of 10 she loves candy and is said has 7 children a sqardent army of toddlers and teens
that a Linda

wait were my food
by the man with the sex October 7, 2021
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Popular punk rock song originally performed by Japanese punk rock band The Blue Hearts. Later covered by American singer Andrew W. K. The song is universial as Linda is a popular woman's name in many languages and also means pretty or beautiful in many languages.
Man, what's that awesome song in Japanese called? It goes something like this.."Linda Linda! Linda Linda Linda!"
by Amazing Maniax December 28, 2011
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