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n. An awesome individual. Generally held in very high esteem and are good at nearly everything they do. Creighton's are considered to be well endowed and often experience large amounts of success with the opposite sex, never the same sex. Because of the large amounts of success and the many friends that Creighton's develop, they are often gain more 'haters' than any other group of people. These haters often try to downplay the greatness of a Creighton by deeming him 'annoying' or 'nerdy'. Despite this large pool of 'haters' Creighton's have a much larger pool of allies than those 'f-off haters'.
Is that a Creighton?

I hate him.
I wish I was him.
Me too.

Creighton is just such a cool guy, lets give him a call.
by 13248670 September 24, 2010
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