Opinions make the world an interesting place, but some people might go to extreme lengths to make sure other believe what they believe. Some people get angry when a person has different opinion.
Person 1: I believe in X, that's my opinion
Person 2: Y is better, I'll hurt you if u don't believe in Y
Person 3: STFU bitches, Z is better
by Flash Slash December 24, 2020
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Something that people should keep to themselves when writing a definition for UrbanDictionary.
"99.9% of the definitions on this site are opinions."
"Isn't that an opinion in and of itself?"
by ...SARAH. March 15, 2008
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a person's thought/idea that may seem truthful in their eyes but may not be in someone else's; a personal view
The difference between your opinion and pizza is that I asked for pizza.
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One of many ways to start a YouTube comment war.
Man: CoD is great!

Woman: Your opinions are stupid.

Man: Your face is stupid!
by SupaleegamingX July 23, 2014
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Sometimes used as an excuse for someone to say anything they want.
"You're an ***-hole."

"No I'm not. I don't even know you."

"It's my opinion."
by Enganox February 5, 2009
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Contrary to what many people who add 'definitions' here think, Opinion is not the same as Definition. Opinion is the usually biased twisting of facts based on someone's viewpoint. Definition is impartial fact.
Definition: "The USA is a powerful English-speaking country in North America. It's population is approximately 295 million."

Opinion: "The USA is a country full of ignorant, fat rich bastards who exploit poorer countries so that they can munch more burgers and get even fatter"
by Your worst nightmare November 14, 2003
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To express one's opinion. The word is similar to conversate. Speakers who use conversate tend to also use opinionate.
That bitch was starting to opinionate about how much she don't like my clothes in front of the other girls at the party until I told her to shut the fuck up.
by ViperMan December 17, 2007
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