n. An awesome individual. Generally held in very high esteem and are good at nearly everything they do. Creighton's are considered to be well endowed and often experience large amounts of success with the opposite sex, never the same sex. Because of the large amounts of success and the many friends that Creighton's develop, they are often gain more 'haters' than any other group of people. These haters often try to downplay the greatness of a Creighton by deeming him 'annoying' or 'nerdy'. Despite this large pool of 'haters' Creighton's have a much larger pool of allies than those 'f-off haters'.
Is that a Creighton?

I hate him.
I wish I was him.
Me too.

Creighton is just such a cool guy, lets give him a call.
by 13248670 September 24, 2010
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Creighton is a kind hearted guy, who everyone wishes they were friends with. Creighton is a very outgoing guy, but once you get to know him he is very sweet and sentimental. He is a mama’s boy and values family and close friends. It’s hard to read a Creighton but if you have your one in a million. Any girl would be lucky to have a Creighton.
Girl #1: OMG, that Creighton guy is soooo hot
Girl #2: Yeah, well good luck he’s hard to get and has got a girl that really knows him.
by Haisbejebsheve September 23, 2019
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A small University located in Omaha, Nebraska that many believe to be an esteemed institution of higher learning, but in actuality is a haven for the polluting of young minds with religion.
Creighton is like unprotected sex, you're glad you got in, but are sorry you came.
by flying spaghetti monster November 1, 2005
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one of a kind they truly are the shit. comes from Creighton which ya they can be pretty nerdy but its a Creighton that doesn't fit the mold. they broke out and showed everybody whats up and therefore became a Creightonator.
yo dude have you met that new kid i think her names creighton?

ya man but she aint no creighton she's off the chain shes gotta be a creightonator!
by once bitten twice shy February 3, 2010
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Some one annoying, they usually have no friends because they are annoying. They also give the punishment but can't take it. They tend to also be very stuck up.
Some Guy-ZOMG that idiot is being such a creighton, what a stuck up and annoying turd.

The Creighton-Hey shut up tard

Some Guy-Go play with your friends

The Creighton-*Silence*
by Earthican October 5, 2007
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Creightons are nerdy nerds who sit and play their nerdy computer games while listening to nerdy music and thinking about nerdy girls.
Girl 1 : Look at that kid over there, hes cute
Girl 2 : You did not just say that honey, thats a Creighton.
Girl 1 : OMFG.
by shaBAMalex August 23, 2008
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