creepy uncle adj. n.:

A person, who through their actions and/or words, causes unease to others (male or female) by unnessesary or gratuitous sexual advances.
"That man was getting all creepy uncle on me."

"Larry is sure a creepy uncle."
by flurbury September 7, 2007
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Someone who is overly friendly and complementary. Usually goes by the name Casey.
by ApesHospice November 24, 2019
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when a gentleman secretly masterbates while the female partner is asleep in bed, using her ass, face or just overall naked body for mind material to help ejaculate.
Last night, this girl passed out naked in my bed so I gave her the creepy uncle and wiped my hands on her socks.
by swettfrommyball June 18, 2009
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Where a person is really nice and outgoing, but you always have the feeling that he/she is a creeper/pedophile/ect.
by Neinman January 1, 2010
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That sense you have when a guy both looks and behaves like a slimeball who could be your creepy uncle who once couldn’t stop smelling or touching your hair or making endless comments about your “figure.”
Yeah, he’s definitely got that creepy uncle vibe; I’m not sure if it’s the greased-back remaining hair or the furtive glances, but taken as a whole, it’s something I most certainly want to avoid!
by Dr Bunnygirl November 1, 2023
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when someone uses a creepy excuse to try and touch you
josh: its ok bro were really close
ryan: nah bruh thats creepy uncle excuse
by totallynotjjne April 29, 2023
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A person in a position of authority who molests young children
Did you hear Merl Cook got convicted of buggering a whole first grade class? I believe when he was young he had a late night creepy uncle.
by chris carpenter December 29, 2014
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