1. a retard who has no life and is depressed
2. a decent movie
3. a shitty band
gaige: oh no its creed
taylor: lets run
by creedthereedtard June 04, 2018
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1. A fine example of how horribe popular music today is, and how a majority of Americans have no taste in music.

2. A band for retarded people that is fronted by a piece of shit wannabe who thinks he's a badass and tries to right serious, emotional music for queers to beat off to.
Q: How do you drown the lead singer of Creed?
A: tie a mirror to the bottom of the ocean.
by Bob Saget December 28, 2003
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A fairly decent band that even though most people in America and some parts of the UK say they suck, most people bought their albums.
Human Clay 11x platinum
Weathered 6x platinum
Creed Fan - "Creed is awesome!"
Creed Hater - "Creed sucks!"
Creed Fan - "Human Clay went 11x platinum!"
Creed Hater - "faggot"
by creedisnotthatbadofaband May 30, 2008
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Large ego not counterbalanced by lack of talent. Possible ex-lover (s) of Fred durst.
Man, when that guy from creed walked in the room his huge head took up all the space, i wish he would just go back to living at fred durst's.
by jamesbrown April 21, 2003
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probably the only good mainstream rock band today, since they have now gotten back together recently.

often times compared to nickelback and other bands of that sort, when they are in fact 10 times better. their guitarist can actually play solos, their singer actually sings, and he writes lyrics that aren't all about getting wasted and having sex with whores.

their music is somewhat cheesy yes but most people who hate them have probably never picked up one of their albums, because they actually put a lot of good songs on them, its not 2 singles for the radio than a bunch of crap.

somehow everyone says they hate them but they sold 30 million records in like 5 years, which has to be some kind of record, obviously most people are just sheep and don't wanna admit to listening to music their friends hate.
"dude creed sucks so much, i heard that song on the radio the other day... that must mean every other song on their album sounds that way"

"dude creed is so talentless, thats why their guitarist is in every guitar magazine in the world every month"

"dude fuck creed, their singer talks about god, no rock band ever has done that, especially not metallica, several times... nope"...
by creedmakesbettermusicthanyou August 29, 2009
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A Rock band

they're songs suck, and the band broke up a couple of days ago
"idiots" explains it all
by cooj June 13, 2004
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