The act of looking in every direction and seeing a boogeyman, and proceeding to slander, in a soft voice, that "boogeyman" in a public setting to justify your own corruption, thus embarrassing yourself.
Harry Reid's latest boogeyman are those cowboys in Nevada. Last month it was those Koch dudes. Before that, it was Tea Party peeps. Dude's lost it. We need term limits!
by tyftyf April 25, 2014
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A sexual position where you climb on top and then do absolutely nothing. Named for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Under his lack of leadership, the Senate failed to pass a budget in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. He also blocked votes on numerous jobs bills passed by the House of Representatives.
I spent so long trying to talk her into bed that when I finally got on, I pulled a 'Harry Reid' and fell asleep.

He talked a big game, but it turns out he was completely clueless. It was like sleeping with 'Harry Reid'.
by MonsterRain11 July 4, 2012
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An unofficial rap sheet of alleged pederasty and sexual abuse of minors by anonymous sources that may not exist.

Named for Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) after an explosion of reports surfaced online and on the airwaves, that Senate is a serial pederast. The outlets reporting the allegations all protected the anonymity of their sources, and no one knows if the allegations are true, but they're out there. A spokesperson for Reid declined to deny them.
Jerry's not someone we want to hire. He's got a Harry Reid a mile long. The allegations are out there, so the burden of proof is on him to refute them.

Becky, I think you should stop seeing Connor. He's never going to get a clean slate with that Harry Reid of his no matter what the dna tests say about the santorum found in the victim's underwear.

HR sent us the Harry Reid on Tom. I don't see any proof, but where there's pederasty smoke, there's usually pederasty fire.
by JohnnyBeGoodXIV August 5, 2012
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Sex move

The act of slamming ass with a 1st chair clarinet who hasn't trimmed ages, and the resonant harmonics of dick on pubes creates a fart in the key of Big O Major.
This one time, at band camp, I gave Boomqueefa the Harry Reid. It felt like greased velvet.
by T Bola la la la la la December 29, 2022
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