(Noun) an alter ego that is responsible for all unusual activity or feelings that run through your body
“You were so wild when you were drunk last night, you were being such a crane.”
by craney boy September 14, 2019
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A name for a particular attractive female. From the same root as cutey.
by You'll never know October 26, 2004
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a combo of crazy and insane......
Carl, an idiot was goin crane because he lost his leg and killed people

Mrs. Kessler went crane because she was in labour with Monika
by LittleRedMonster July 14, 2006
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A man who can do parkour easily and is stuck in a quarantine full of zombies he can also drive a buggy
Crane comes to save the day
by JoJo's Abnormal Quest January 6, 2021
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1) A type of wading, marsh-dwelling, long-legged bird
2) A machine utilised by builders as construction equipment, to shift heavy loads, materials, or supplies
3) (informal) An exceptionally attractive member of the opposite sex, typically a female.
1) Wow, check out the legs on those cranes!
2) This crane's getting old... I'm not sure if it's gonna withstand the rust any longer.
3) Wow! Check out the legs on those cranes!
by Alhadis June 29, 2004
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A sexual position by which you lift a women by her thighs whilst boom boom booming her, and lift her into the air.

You continue pounding that shit and when your near to ejaculation you lauch the subject from you hold onto the nearest surface. Then once the subject has landed you ejaculate over either the tits or face.

Made famous is Thailand by the Jersey Boys.
Jordan: I craned a delightful last night
Parry: Oh yeah! I need to try the crane sometime!
Parker: Good luck Parry your shit!
by Crane! July 29, 2009
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When you think you are going to get a hand job, or something better, but the woman just grasps your dick between the tips of all her fingers and starts to pick up and drop your dick in the same fashion that one of those "Crane Games" that no one can never win at does
"Hey man how was last night with your new girlfriend?"

"Terrible, she was all undoing my pants all sexy like and shit, I totally thought i was going to get some head, but that bitch just ended up giving me crane, what the fuck!"
by Horse P. McTitties October 13, 2009
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