A Parry is the Caribbean term for group sex or a gang bang.
Leh we Parry dah Smallie nah dawg.

I was in a Parry with he once.
by Caribknows June 5, 2016
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In the game Dark Souls pressing L2 so hard at the right moment that the enemy gets his attacks rejected and then destroyed.
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1. To strike back a blow, whether physical or sometimes a hardship.

2. A rural area in Central New York is referred to by locals as Parry Hill. Many car accidents occur at the top of the hill because people drive too fast and become airborn from the steepness of the hill and usually hit a tree. The area has become increasingly populated since the mid nineties.
Where is the bonfire?
Parry Hill

Parry Pride. Through Hardships we prevail.
by Parry Jane March 4, 2007
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In the Bahamas, citizens use the word "parry" to express the emotion of being afraid, scared, or nervous.
These dudes try run up on me and I'm not gonna lie I was dead parry.
by Keya.23 July 11, 2017
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Deriving from the Filipino word "Pare" meaning catholic brother or males of a religious association. Parry is how it was spelled by american born filipinos in northern california. It was a highschool in Fairfield, CA that tossed the term amongst the asian/ pacific island student body in the mid 90's.

Parry means friend.
Used when greeting:

"OH, yo!! hey what up, Parry!!"

"Oh damn, I hadn't seen this parry in days!"
by Joel Martinez November 14, 2004
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The 30 characteristics and guide lines that define a parry

1) Name originated from a fat ass Canadian from Canada
2) #’s 1-99 are eligible for the title “parry”
3) Joel, BJ, and Alex (Fairy gold line) are the only people who can appoint the title
4) The title parry is given to the biggest douche bag on the opposite team.
5) Rows of razor sharp teeth (Full grown parry’s can have up to 4 rows)
6) Toxins released when tormented
7) Your dick will fall off
8) If evoked purple dragon will fly out
9) If looked at for more than 13 seconds you will vanish into a dark abyss
10) Contains acids strong enough to melt steel
11) Discovered by Albert Einstein in 1907
12) Hair every where (you will have trouble finding it)
13) Huge lips (3 or more) protruding out from the vigina
14) The smell will cause bleeding of the nose
15) Contains 4 little trolls and 1 mountain troll that protect the parry from penetration
16) Only 3 people have spotted a parry and lived to talk about it
17) Parry’s don’t have orgasms they eat your dick
18) Discharges at least 3quarts of unknown liquids a day (excluding the green discharge)
19) Parry’s of dead people are recycled into toothpaste and deodorant
20) Hair on a parry grows 3.75 inches weekly
21) If unknown lumps on the surface of the parry are popped the liquid will burn off skin
22) It can sense men within 10feet
23) Unknown green discharge expelled at random (could cause head pain or “The Shits”)
24) 1 child is said to survive the birth through a parry: John V.
25) A parry can hold a chaw in the lips and get a buzz from it
26) A human head was found lodged inside a parry dating back to 400 B.C.
27) Can only infect females (expect Xander)
28) The worst vigina ever
29) To contain the infection carriers of the Parry must wear a fairy gold diaper
30) Only 2 know cures
- Blue Puke of Nick S.
- Hair of a redheaded child Nick B.
Fact about “Parrys” when a Parry loses a tooth, it is said that a parry fairy (Trent) will fly down and sprinkle fairy dust so a new tooth can grow and also taking the old tooth. However this has not been confirmed, though there is substantial evidence proving that a parry fairy (Trent) dose exist.

"That kid has pink laces he is the Parry!"
"What a cheap ass the kids a Parry."
"Hey Parry!"
by Joel, Alex, B.J. February 3, 2008
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