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For one to have a feeling of utter and total retardation via intoxication or inebriation imposed by ones close friend or foe - with or without thier consent.
Verb: craft {“i will craft that crap out you!”}
Verb: crafting {“sup!?” “Yeah nah - bita crafting going on with turts”}
Adj: Crafted {“Oh mate- you look crafted AF!}
Fitty: (Laying on the sticky carpet floor)How the did I get this retarded tonight?
Turtle: You’ve been f@$king crafted , you dumb ass!!
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by Furtley May 30, 2018
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Adj. An object or person who is:

1. fake

2. try hard
3. not authentic
Dahreal: yo you see that girl over there
Chad: Yee the one with dem heels
Dahreal: her face is so crafted
by Rayflurry April 21, 2016
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