The only hope for the developed countries to prevent their economies from further declining, and for the developing countries to prevent theirs from collapsing, as a result of the pandemic—when vaccination for the population is the solution to economic salvation.
The shortage of Covid-19 vaccines and the poorly constructed vaccine distribution channels in most developing countries only push them to the back of the line in securing billions of shots for their people—when donations via vaccine diplomacy aren’t being helped by poor storage facilities in many developing nations.
by 🦠₉₁₁ July 23, 2021
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A vaccine used to give immunity or at least protection to the coronavirus. The first two for the US came out December 2020, and there are more vaccines for other countries. A third US vaccine came out March 2021. As time goes by, more people will get vaccinated and become eligible for the vaccine. So far the vaccines are only available for people as young as 16 but the vaccines are currently being tested on children. A vaccine for children could take up to the fall of 2021 to come out. Hopefully, the vaccine should be widely available in the spring of 2021, if not it will become widely available summer 2021. To reach herd immunity, we need 70-80% of the place, such as the US or a US state fully vaccinated. If 2 million people are vaccinated a day, then we could reach herd immunity as late as September or October 2021, and as early as July or August of 2021. As more people become vaccinated, things will be safer to reopen. In the spring, things with the vaccine will get better, but not many things will reopen, and hopefully the summer should not be bad if people are vaccinated, but the fall will be much better. The 2 main things that we are worried about is vaccine hesitancy due to people not being eligible for the vaccine or people refusing to get vaccinated, and the lack of a vaccine available for children, and the second thing is the variants of the virus that could make the vaccine less effective, but it seems like the vaccines offer decent protection against the variants.
I am getting my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine tomorrow, then I get my second dose 4 weeks later!
by Avocado2004 March 8, 2021
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The depopulation weapon that will kill everyone
I got my COVID-19 vaccine, did you get yours?

Nah, you just signed your death warrant. The time is ticking, enjoy it while you still can libtard.
by fencetape February 11, 2022
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You still haven't gotten it yet?
Get The Covid-19 vaccine or this pandemic will never end
by raspberry3452 August 4, 2021
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Something only your grandparents and later your parents will get. For you a minor you'll have to wait till you're an adult to get so say goodbye to your teen years cause you staying inside for them
Iain was so dissapointed to learn that he could not get the COVID-19 Vaccine and would thus be confined to his home on his computer until he turned 18 and thus would have to spend his teen years inside
by MLEPICFAG March 29, 2021
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The COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine has officially been developed! With a record breaking time of about 1 year! The most affective one of them all is the Pfizer/Bio-Tech. It will only be given to the most wealthiest of countries, such as, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand & Australia. The more poorer countries will receive it in a later time in the future. In England there has been more than 230,000 people to get their first dose. Unfortunately, for people who have allergies it is probably not the best option for them as there has been a lot of allergic reactions recorded. Many leaders, celebrities and well known people have tested positive for the deadly virus. Such as, Jason Bolsonaro, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Kim Kardashian, The Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Bendict, Idris Elba and many others among these. They were unfortunate not to receive the vaccine in time.

Hopefully, you and your family stay safe and get the vaccination before it's too late.
Staying Apart , Keeps Us Together
I have received the Pfizer/Bio-Tech COVID-19 vaccine.
by iamcalledbilala1 December 23, 2020
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The commandment by anti-mask and anti-vaccine clergy to their oft-uncritical or gullible congregations, who trust their pastors more than their doctors.
Some church or cult leaders under the cover of religion or viral protection would push their political agenda, by selfishly warning their members: “Don't trust Covid-19 vaccines.”
by 🦠₉₁₁ April 24, 2021
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