How you're responding emotionally and physically to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.
How are you coviding through this?
by AudiPLZ April 5, 2020
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A joke only people who lived through the great Covid War of 2020 would get. AKA the Coranavirus pandemic that started in the 20's. Yeah, that's how we're counting the decades in the 2000s now.
"What the heck is Quarxam?"
"It's a Covidism."
"Yeah, that doesn't help"
by Marvigeddon April 9, 2020
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Short for “Christ Or Vaccines In Doubt.” When believers living in developing countries, most of which have a low percentage of their population being inoculated, can look up to God to protect them against the coronavirus; or they can resort to creative ways, or hope for some rich countries’ donations, for their jabs.
For Psalm 91 believers who long to get a Covid-19 shot, the choice of vaccination is decided: COVID!
by MathPlus July 17, 2021
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Background: Until 2019 December the era in which we live was called as the era of postmodernism . From 2020 January onwards we are in a new era "Covidism".

Covidism is a new way of thinking and living forced by a disease causing virus called corona; disease phobia and death phobia reigns the world; protecting oneself and others through lockdown, social distance, masks, washing hands has become the priority in life; it has affected human life physically, psychologically, spiritually, environmentally, politically, economically, socially, religiously, commercially, educationally, medically, in family life, personal life etc. Its positive and negative effects are far reaching. All that we achieved in postmodern era helped the spread and speed of the virus; a epidemic had become a pandemic. In the coming years we will experiences both the positive and negative effects of covidism.
We live in an era of Covidism
by Atmadarshan July 5, 2020
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A bad bad boy that needs punishment and a good beating to behave
Covid needs to be taught a lesson. I’ll get the belt and you get the baseball bat.
by Rockurmom33 December 25, 2021
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Use of alternative methods to plan a date during the COVID19 pandemic
I am going to have food delivered so I can covidate my husband.
by Bertiegirl April 17, 2020
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When you and your partner get dressed to the nines to go to the post office, gas station and grocery store during a pandemic.
Hey babe, will you hand me my Prada heels, gold Navajo cuff and eyeliner for our covidate? I need to get gas, drop off some mail and grab some milk and butterscotch for my cookies tomorrow.
by Austin Jayhawk April 25, 2020
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