Just a shitty cold
Mexican: damn bruh I heard you got that COVID-19
Man Candy: nah bruh it’s just a shitty cold
Propaganda: an ingenious ploy to reroute the US trade commissions, close the borders, integrate other aliens into the population disguised with masks, distract the people from the injustice that is taking place in their every day lives, raise prices, engage in profit wars, control the already dumbfounded population, distraction decoy.
If the COVID-19 virus truly exists, the U.S. government already made the mistake of infecting the U.S. citizens with it and are now paying out money to all victims who are exposed and dormant to the virus.
by DeepThrowWitDancer April 17, 2022
"and god said let there be...a terrible plague that would haunt the earth for a year or two".

even satin recoiled in disgust when he saw what god had in store for the sad mortals of earth, but there was to many humans on the face of the planet so god sent a virus that would kill the weak and feeble but let the strong live, but soon god got bored of watching people live their sad lives alone in their houses so he sent some other things starting with the small (a conflict between iran and the US that had a chance to start world war 3) and then going to the large (among us 2 being cancelled).

now god looks at the world as it falls apart,and I am here on my laptop writing a useless definition for a word that you just so happen to be reading.
covid 19 is god's way of telling us all that he is in control
by helloIexsist January 4, 2021
A lame ass virus that needs to just fuckoff somewhere over the rainbow where the fuck offs run wild and free
by mr.fiercefierce December 2, 2021
Short for "COronaVIrusDisease-2019."
by Jinad October 17, 2022
A epic virus witch will probably kill a lot of people in the next coming years.
Brandon: Oh look he coughs!
Stanley: Maybe he has the COVID-19 virus?

The guy who cough: Yes! And now you will get it! HAHAHA
by COVID-19 is gay February 27, 2020
The time humans stopped computers.

C- Complete
O- Outkast
V- Virtual
I- Intruder
D- Destroys
19- All A.I. From 1 to 9.

A ninja, a hero. We all give A.I. a Zero star rating.
COVID-19 seem to kill A.I. Kind of like suicide by design. 5 stars like divine, a zero, is overdue to be recycled for good, no update or need to refine. This breaks the curse, no more shall this COVID-19 get worse.
by PoP-Rox January 30, 2021