The release of noxious fumes or toxins from dead and/or decaying plants or animals. Usually causes abnormal things to happen.
The overbearing amount of deaths must be caused by that plants "miasma"
by HomocideFactor101 March 27, 2005
A thick vaporous atmosphere or emanation, or poisonous air
As the satanic cannibals fed on the rotted baby carcass the psychedelic mushrooms began to intoxicate my mind--I splatter-vomited putrid blood scabs on my own legs, which surmounted into a nightmarish MIASMA {poisonous atmosphere!!!
by Bobby Revell March 8, 2007
All this depressing emo music fills the room with an impenetrable miasma.
by Name? What name? September 23, 2004
Person 1: "Blud! Did you fart?"
Person 2: "Nah fam, you know I wouldn't do you dirty like that."
Person 3: "Don't lie bruv, you know did, it smells worse than your girl's punani."
Person 4: "Yeah, I don't rate you, that shit stinks."
Person 1: "Blud it's like miasma."

*Person 2 goes in to cardiac arrest because of the immense pain of the L.*

The End.
by lowkeyimblack June 3, 2018
The corrupted gas that kills you in Crystal Chronicles.
Clavat: Dude, grab the chalice. I'll go ahead, so back me up.
Yuke: You grab it, I don't want to.
Clavat: *Runs ahead; chokes to death on miasma*
by AlphaGlobin May 14, 2008
Black Dahlia Murder Fan: Dude did you hear that song Miasma?

Other Black Dahlia Murder Fan: Hell yeah it's sick man!
by Bdman13 October 23, 2009
A miasma of metrosexuals
by tizza January 15, 2007