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The standard unit measurement for mass weight of feces, as noted on the 2007 South Park episode "More Crap". The European Fecal Standards & Measurements Board in Zürich keeps track of the authenticity of its records. It is mentioned in the episode that "one Katie Couric is about two and a half pounds of excrement". The original record was set in 1960 at 7.5 Courics. It was revealed in October 2007 that the record excrement is in fact Bono of U2 fame, which had grown to 80 Courics. This explains why Bono seems so great, yet is still a piece of shit. That same day, American Randy Marsh set the new record at 100 Courics. The record still stands.
me: damn dude, i gotta take the biggest dump, but i think i'm gonna wait till the plane lands.

friend: oh yeah? how many courics do you think it weighs?

me: I hadn't shit all week, i must be constipated..i'm guessing about 6 and half Courics.

friend: fuck man! Don't you know you're not supposed to fly when on your turd trimester?
by Tom Mauer October 24, 2007
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The standard weight measurement of fecal matter.Used in South Park's Biggest Crap episode.
WHOA! That shit is well over 100 courics!
by Nick and JT October 16, 2007
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the standard unit of measure for crap, doo doo, feces, etc....from Katie Couric; it is noted that one Katie Couric is 2 and half pounds of excrement.
That is a huge crap Mr. Marsh, it weighs in at 8.5 Courics!
by Tom Mauer October 12, 2007
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A unit of measure for fecal matter. One Katie Couric is equal to approximately two and a half pounds of excrement. (From South Park season 11, episode 9.)
1. Randy Marsh took a crap weighing 8.6 courics, beating the previous world record of 7.5 courics.

2. Oh man, I feel so much better now, that crap felt like it was 2 or 3 courics!
by klopek007 October 13, 2007
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A unit of fecal measurement. A couric is equal to 2.5 fecal pounds.
Bono weighs over 80 courics.
by fredd123 October 12, 2007
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The official SI unit for measuring fecal matter
Randy Marsh holds the world record for largest crap taken measuring in at over 100 courics
by Simon Head October 27, 2007
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